Jessica Kizorek - CNN

Nicole Lapin, CNN Anchor

“When Jessica Kizorek talks about Ghana, she says she makes a point not to talk about poverty or violence. Kizorek talks about farmers paid fair trade and educated women. This 26-year-old documentary filmmaker travels the globe to find good in places that she says are ordinarily perceived as anything but.

“Kizorek has traveled to 55 countries on all seven continents. She finds that whether she is in Cambodia or Moldova, the human spirit is alive and strong. Donating frequent flyer miles and production time through her company Two Parrot Productions, Kizorek documents how Non-Government Organizations make a difference.

“Whether she is telling stories about medical buildings for handicapped children in Romania or human trafficking education in Thailand, Kizorek illustrates the energy and compassion that exists in those countries. She proudly acts as a conduit for promoting the idea of "people helping people" worldwide. In the process, though, she says she takes pride in helping people herself and becoming another representation of the good she seeks.”

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